Sunday, February 8, 2009

Post#1: Pre-building

So i guarantee before i start building that i will pass the 3 m mark! xD

My thoughts...

Base/Body: now....I'm thinking of going with the whole "small and fast" which means my car cannot be to heavy, although i don't want it to be too light. The first thought in my mind would be cardboard as a base but then again i would not want to necessarily go with my first thought over an even better

Wheels: I know for sure i'll most likely take parts from an old toy car to get the wheels.....if anything maybe caps but that is hughly unlikey

Balloon: I'll probably have my balloon attached to a straw of some sort.....


  1. hey u spelled hugely wrong well what i wanted to say was thats a good start and the straw is the best idea to go with

  2. good start and good luck on building your car

  3. thanks for the correction...and the advice