Friday, March 13, 2009

The Final Blog

First off I'd like to thank Mr.P for assigning us this project because not only was it fun but i had a great experience. The balloon car project was 100% trial and error and now that i look back i wish i had done more of that (not saying i didn't do any). After race day i was very enthusiastic about the balloon car and felt like building and even better one that could beat the record and my previous time and distance. But i guess everyone felt that way about their cars. Overall, the "Flamerick 3000" surpassed my expectations by about two or three metres, which is quite a differentiating amount. Now enough with the big words...Agile Autos would like to thank all it supporters, followers and anyone else who played a role. I thank all my opponents (classmates) for being good sports (especially about the promo) and not taking anything seriously. SO LONG!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Alright my "Flammrick 3000" has been ready since awhile but it has been ninty annoying minutes (which is still going) of waiting for this video to upload...i have two videos to upload:
-one of me proving my five metres
-another is a commercial type thing...(highlights)

this one video is taking long enough so sorry for the delay but I am just posting this to prove that i have been waiting this long
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5m proof

the video does seem a little choppy at times because it was rushed and i needed 2 add brightness as u can see it was needed....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

last minute change before raceday, but no panic...

Alright so I've deleted my posts about other models, only because i know i will not be using any of those models for race day....I'm pretty confident in the model I am finalizing right now. However, as you all know, in the the racing world anything can happen! I just hope that everything goes as planned because a model i was working on, called "The Water Bottle Model", and it was quite a success. It went a far distance and i was very confident until the third or fourth test run when the car started to turn and go in circles. That is why I am making a quick change and working on the "Flaming Auto 300"!

An advertisement (video) will be posted later on about this exciting model so be on your toes and watch out for the "HOT" video, later tonight

Sunday, March 1, 2009

its almost raceday....

Alright, so race day is visble on the horizon and this company sure is confident in its creation. As you can see that i haven't put in specifics on any models because i don't want to post anything until I'm sure i want to go through with it (ex: my other 2 models may not be my balloon car). I'm looking forward to making a video based on my balloon car which i feel will add a very creative element to my blog. Hopefully i will be posting my final model soon and the best of luck to all racers!

Quote of the week: "You just might start to think that my balloon car is a balloon jet!"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello Everyone

I've realized over my past few posts that i have only been adding new models and not updating the ones i've had so from now on i will be updating the models i have and try new thing but still try not to make drastic changes unless they are drastically positive. I am still hoping to go for the small and agile idea but whichever works best over a series of trials will be my number one choice. I would love to blow by the competition but I'm not sure if that's the safe route/goal I'm going for. Overall all is going well and i hope u enjoyed my update post, feel free to give feedback