Sunday, March 8, 2009

last minute change before raceday, but no panic...

Alright so I've deleted my posts about other models, only because i know i will not be using any of those models for race day....I'm pretty confident in the model I am finalizing right now. However, as you all know, in the the racing world anything can happen! I just hope that everything goes as planned because a model i was working on, called "The Water Bottle Model", and it was quite a success. It went a far distance and i was very confident until the third or fourth test run when the car started to turn and go in circles. That is why I am making a quick change and working on the "Flaming Auto 300"!

An advertisement (video) will be posted later on about this exciting model so be on your toes and watch out for the "HOT" video, later tonight


  1. I'm sure the "FLAMING AUTO 300" will be MIND-BLASTING!!!

    Can't wait to view your super "HOT" video!

    And your ideas for your balloon car are quite helpful, as well.


  2. Good luck man . hope it turns out well. but not well enough to beat me . :P