Friday, March 13, 2009

The Final Blog

First off I'd like to thank Mr.P for assigning us this project because not only was it fun but i had a great experience. The balloon car project was 100% trial and error and now that i look back i wish i had done more of that (not saying i didn't do any). After race day i was very enthusiastic about the balloon car and felt like building and even better one that could beat the record and my previous time and distance. But i guess everyone felt that way about their cars. Overall, the "Flamerick 3000" surpassed my expectations by about two or three metres, which is quite a differentiating amount. Now enough with the big words...Agile Autos would like to thank all it supporters, followers and anyone else who played a role. I thank all my opponents (classmates) for being good sports (especially about the promo) and not taking anything seriously. SO LONG!

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